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ISM APAC is always looking for talented employees. As soon as you have found a fitting vacancy, do not hesitate to contact us. For some insights on our application process below:

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Take a look at our available vacancies!

Do you want to work for one of the largest e-Commerce companies in Sri Lanka? ISM APAC wants to develop on a national and international level, so take a look at our current vacancies! Our application process

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  • Senior Software Engineer (C# / ASP.Net)

    We are looking for a highly experienced person who is willing to take responsibility for deliveries and provide technical implementations for day to day operations. As ISM Senior Software Engineer you will get first hand international working experience through our globally distributed development centres.

  • Software Engineer (C# / ASP.Net)

    We are looking for a creative, dynamic and passionate C# / ASP.Net Software Engineer to join our development team. As a C# / ASP.Net specialist you will work mostly on developing and maintaining web applications and websites. Apart from that you will also work with Facebook apps, mobile apps and in other exciting projects.

  • Project Manager

    We are looking for Project Manager for Sana Project teams. You would be expected to work autonomously ensuring delivery of high quality software in a very dynamic environment. You are also required to keep a close contact with your Dutch eCommerce and Technical Consultants, while managing your team.

  • Office Assistant

    We are looking for an Office Assistant whose key responsibility is to provide required assistance to day to day work operations in the office.

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Further clarifications?